“We exist because Self-Care is the most effective Healthcare available.”

Supporting better stewardship of the only two entities we all have in common: One Body and One World.

Our philosophy is “self-care as primary care”.  This means the small actions we do every day to take care of ourselves, in combination, create the most effective and financially responsible form of healthcare that exists anywhere.  This is the only type healthcare that creates the longevity and quality of life we hope for.  Committing to these practices is an individual responsibility but working together toward our common goal of quality healthcare for all allows our natural environment to thrive, and builds the ethical and compassionate society we wish for.

Our Mission

  • To help businesses, groups, and individuals utilize lifestyle medicine to improve and maintain their health and quality of life.   
  • To develop awareness of and commitment to natural health as a matter of social, economic, and environmental justice.
  • To create visible and vocal support for the inclusion of natural health practices as a fundamental part of standard, modern healthcare delivery.

Our Vision:

To realize the ideal of health as human right around the world by placing support for natural, self-care principles at the center of a cost effective, results oriented universal healthcare system. To see, as a result of this process, not only flourishing human health, but the re-balancing of our natural ecosystems, the preservation of our natural environments.

Meet the Founder

Vanessa Samora

Ten years ago Vanessa began a process of learning to proactively manage her health through lifestyle. Today, she has learned to manage her own host of persistent health issues - both physical and mental.  The journey opened her eyes to the profound healing capacity of the body, if given the right fuel and the right environment.

Vanessa believes continuing education is imperative in the rapidly evolving natural health field. She has completed many professional trainings including Food as Medicine, Strategies for Stress Resilience, Mind-Body Medicine, Hormone Balancing and frequently attends workshops and seminars in the areas of nutrition, psychology and fitness. Vanessa is dedicated to driving the principles and power of natural health practices into communities that need it most.  

Vanessa has a B.A. from NYU with a concentration"Self-Care as Primary Care.  She has been a nationally certified personal trainer since 2007, and is also certified a life coach and health coach.  She is now enrolled in the School of Applied Function Medicine.

"We exist because Self-Care is the most effective Healthcare available."

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