For Health Professionals

Are you a doctor, dentist, nurse, psychologist, LMT, or physical therapist?

Would you enjoy offering your patients or clients a natural alternative to address their discomfort and health issues?

Would you like to establish an additional revenue stream for your practice by incorporating a wellness initiative?

nutraMetrix is a professional line of wellness products and services offered exclusively to health professionals and allied health professionals that carry a state license. This suite of wellness solutions offers allows you to offer your patients anything from the highest quality fish oil to full-scale weight management programs that yield amazing results.  

Vanessa Samora is proud to be a nutraMetrix consultant.  As your consultant, she will manage and support the creation of your wellness program from design through implementation for a seamless process.

Partnership Process Overview

Step 1: All individuals guiding the practice will sit down with a consultant to share the priorities, goals, and unique aspects of your practice.

Step 2: The consultant will return in about 1 week with a customized proposal based on the information shared in step 1. Our solutions compliment the focus of the practice by directly addressing your most common patient complaints while targeting the practice’s financial needs and objectives.

Step 3: The consultant will work with your operations staff to design an implementation plan. Often implementation can happen minimal disruption and with little or no impact on the practice schedule by planning two or three small stages.

Step 4: Your consultant will continue to support your nutraMetrix partnership. If you ever want to change your offering or build your revenue your nutraMetrix consultant will be there for you.

Learn more about working with a nutraMetrix Consultant and what a nutraMetrix partnership has done for practices like yours. (4-mins)

The nutraMetrix Educational Institute (nEI) is dedicated to helping health professionals become confident in offering an integrative approach to patient care. This 501(c)3 organization supports nutraMetrix professional partners with up to date research summaries, yearly CME events, and valuable experience from an all star Advisory Board and Clinical Faculty. See what nEI is all about:

Harlem Community Health Program

Uptown Forum on Natural Health

This recurring event is also a meetup group! Find us there to join in the conversation. Sharing feedback or requesting a topic of interest would be doing us a huge favor so don’t be shy! Or send us an email through our contact us page.

This is an opportunity for community members to come together. Practitioners and peers share information and experiences to support all of our health goals. The objective is to work together as a community to improve the health of everyone in it. Working together we can improve the quality of food, improve access to exercise facilitates, and education. Most importantly we can support each other in creating the life we want right now – not waiting for the political or policy people to figure it out. Instead – we do it now – we do it together! We are focused on addressing the most critical issues addressing our community such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac disease. Forum meets the first Monday of every month at 11am and 7pm and it’s completely free!

"We exist because Self-Care is the most effective Healthcare available."

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